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What an Idea to Deal with Plastic Waste, Kudos Ambikapur for Garbage Cafe

What an Idea to Deal with Plastic Waste, Kudos Ambikapur for Garbage Cafe

garbage cafe ambikapur

Ambikapur, a city in India, has intiated a Garbage Cafe, where someone can come with 1 kg of plastic waste to have a free meal. Look at the below video to know more about the garbage cafe.


@leonardodicaprio, a celebrity environmentalist, has shared a world economic forum video earlier this month stating how India has been trapped in viscous cycle of plastic waste. Cities like Delhi has mountain of waste and you can’t cross these waste tomb without covering your nose even if you are 3 KM from these. Look more about Leonardo concern in video link below:


Encouraging people in a way as Ambikapur is doing to tackle garbage waste is commendable. This idea can replicated throughout the country as an initiative of waste management.

Earlier, Ambikapur has declared themselves as a city without dustbin and dumping ground. They take garbage directly from home and recycle it at a recycle hub in outskirt of city. National media has covered this story and you can also have a look here:


Government of India has already been awarded Ambikapur for cleanest town in India for years in row under India’s ambitious clean India scheme. Know more about Ambikapur achievement through Rajya Shabha TV here:

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